Our engineering division has long term experience using electronic CAD systems from various manufacturers.

Unfortunately only Cadsoft provides part libraries with it's layout software "Eagle", which are of high quality and contain even exotic footprints, which cannot be generated with e.g. part wizards which come with Protel or Allegro.

Therefore we developed a program which imports Cadsofts Eagle 4.0x part libraries and exports P-CAD ASCII libraries (*.lia) which can also be imported into Altiums Protel 99/DXP. Additionally the software outputs Cadence Allegro files which contain a script for automatic generation of pad stacks with the pad stack editor and an Allegro Skill Programming file to construct the parts within Allegro.

Although we try to convert as much data as possible, not all CAD systems behave equally, and support all features: P-CAD cannot handle solid rects very well, so no rects are converted (especially on silkscreen layers). Allegro does not support octagonal pads, which are converted to circles during export. Nevertheless the program is able to save you valuable time by relieving you the pain of constructing part libraries on your own, improving the time to market of your products.

Although we will help to assist you in migrating your part libraries to other CAD systems, we do not provide the software for download, because we do not want other CAD software manufacturers to profit from Cadsofts work free of charge.